What is Intercompany Arbitration in a Property Damage Claim in a Maryland Car Accident?

What is intercompany arbitration in a property damage claim in a Maryland Car Accident? Often when the insurance companies can not agree on who is a fault, instead of simply denying the claim, they agree to submit the property damage part of the claim to intercompany arbitration. While this is a totally separate process than […]

12 claims you can make under your car insurance when you are in a car accident

Guide to understanding your car insurance when you have a car accident The purpose of this article is to explain how insurance works when you have a car accident. Each state requires a minimum amount of insurance. If you can afford it, you should consider purchasing additional coverage since the minimum required by the State […]

Top 10 Frequently asked question regarding effects of filing bankruptcy on an auto accident claim

Top 10 Frequently asked question regarding effects of filing bankruptcy on an auto accident claim Is my auto accident claim effected by filing bankruptcy? Answer: The simple answer is yes. Can I keep the same lawyer for my accident claim after I file bankruptcy? Answer: Yes. What often happens in a Chapter 7 case is […]


YOU SHOULD NEVER SIGN A RELEASE OF ALL CLAIMS IN A CAR ACCIDENT CASE UNTIL YOU HAVE DISCUSSED YOUR CASE WITH AN ATTORNEY. Normally, if you obtain an attorney and after consultation with the attorney, you sign a release of claims, then you are going to be bound by the release and unable to re-open […]

Top 22 Reasons A Truck Is At Fault In An Accident

Top 22 reasons a truck is at fault in an accident. There are many different reasons why truck accidents take place. Below is a list of the top 22 reasons trucks are more likely to be involved in an accident. Speed of truck. An accident can be caused if a truck is going above the […]

Wrongful Death Claim From Maryland Truck Accident

Wrongful Death claim from Maryland Truck accident When a victim dies because of the negligent conduct of someone else, there are two claims that arise. The first claim is a survival action filed by the personal representative of the deceased seeking recovery for the injuries suffered by the victim as if the victim were still […]

Can you make a Wrongful Death claim on behalf of a fetus in Maryland?

Can you make a Wrongful Death claim on behalf of a fetus in Maryland? The simple answer is sometimes. the Court of Appeals affirmed that a cause of action lies for prenatal injuries to a viable child who is either stillborn or born alive and to a nonviable child who is born alive. The cause […]

Speed As Cause Of An Accident

The rights and duties of motorists regarding the speed of their vehicles is largely defined in Md. Transp. Code Ann. §21-801.1-speeding cause accident. The Maryland legislature has established maximum speed limits as follows: 30 miles an hour on all highways in a business district and undivided highways in a residential district; 35 miles an hour […]

Car Accident at a Red Light

Car Accident at Red Light Normally, the car that runs a red light is at fault. Generally, when a car enters an intersection on a green light and there involved in an accident with another car that had a red light in the action will be considered to be the fault of the car that […]

Rear End Collisions

Rear end collisions in Maryland Generally, the vehicle that rear ends another vehicle is at fault. Maryland law states that you may not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent. The driver to the rear must exercise reasonable and ordinary care to avoid injury to vehicles in front of him. Otherwise, rear end […]

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