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When you are charged with a traffic offense or a DUI, you must be represented by a good DUI , DWI attorney experienced in traffic matters such as DUI and drunk driving cases, DMV matters, felony and misdemeanor traffic defense. Baltimore Attorney Marc Atas is a highly-skilled attorney based in Baltimore, Maryland who represents individuals throughout Maryland who have been involved in a Traffic Offense.

Baltimore DUI attorney Marc Atas handles traffic and Dui cases that occur in the Baltimore-Washington area including Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Western Maryland, The eastern shore, Frederick county, Carroll County and Prince Georges County. Our firm has won many traffic and Dui trials in Maryland in both the district court as well as the circuit court. In addition in other cases we have been able to work out favorable pleas agreements that help our clients avoid jail time.

Baltimore DUI attorney Marc Atas has represented innocent parties in all kinds of traffic and DUI cases including,Driving under the influence,Driving while impaired,Driving without a license, driving while suspended, driving while revoked, and driving without insurance.

Baltimore DUI attorney Marc Atas has represented innocent parties in district court and circuit court as well as at the office of administrative hearings.

Traffic and DUI cases can result in the loss of your freedom either thru incarceration, long probationary periods with very limiting conditions and stiff fines. In addition at administrative hearings you can have your drivers license suspended or revoked.Traffic and DUI Attorney Marc Atas takes your Traffic and DUI  case seriously as if it was a member of his family. My goal in your case is when your case is over you walk out of the courtroom the same time as I do. When we leave the courtroom it is important to me that you feel that i fought for you and you are satisfied with the resolution of your case and feel that the system treated you fairly.

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