Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer Frequently Asked Questions

Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyers Frequently Asked Questions Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyers Frequently Asked Question I What determines who is responsible in an automobile accident? For Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyers figuring out who is at fault in a traffic accident is a matter of deciding who was careless. And for vehicle accidents, there is a set […]

How Does a Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer Value a Personal Injury or Auto Accident Case?

How does a Baltimore personal injury lawyer value a personal injury or auto accident case? Clients frequently ask in an initial interview “what is the value of my case?” I explain, it’s impossible for a Baltimore personal injury lawyer to tell you what the value of your case is until further into the process. There […]

Settle Car Accident Claim Without Lawyer – No Way

I’m sure clients often wonder, ‘Can I Settle car accident claim without lawyer? If I get a lawyer, then I will have to pay him one third of my settlement. If I settle the case myself then I get the whole amount. Even If I get less than the lawyer would get me I still […]

How Long for Car Accident Claim to Settle?

How long for car accident claim to settle? Clients often ask how long does it take for a car accident claim to be settled. In fact typically that’s one of the first questions that clients ask in the initial interview. I give clients the same answer each time. “It depends.” If the insurance company accepts […]

How Much Do Car Accident Lawyers Charge?

How much do car accident lawyers charge? There is no standard fee that a car accident lawyer can charge his client in order to answer the question,How much do car accident lawyers charge? . It is against the law, for lawyers to collude and agree that every lawyer in a State would charge the same […]

Auto Accident Trial Questions. Be Prepared and Win

Auto Accident Trial Questions. Be prepared and win. Typically once the case cannot be settled, then the case needs to go to court and have an auto accident trial . What causes a case to go to trial is dealt with in another article. In court there will be an auto accident trial. At an […]

Baltimore auto accident attorney Marc J. Atas: Legal-ease newsletter

  Legal-ease-Translating your case into your terms by Baltimore auto accident attorney Marc Atas A newsletter from Baltimore auto accident attorney Marc J. Atas: (410)752-4878/1-800-749-4878, website: Helpful humor brightens dull process A laugh echoes, ringing from behind the office’s closed door to the waiting area just past it. It’s a familiar sound to those […]


CAR ACCIDENT LEGAL ADVICE NEWSLETTER Translating your case into your terms A newsletter from Marc J. Atas: (410)752-4878/1-800-749-4878 March 2017 Perspective calms worried car accident victims If the thought of road-side arguments, deceptive insurance companies and a drawn-out legal battle seems scarier than the split-second car accident causing all of it, you’re not alone. For […]

Medicare Set Aside in an Auto Accident Case

The issue of whether medicare was going to pay for expenses related to workers compensation cases or third party liability cases (auto or Car accident case) has been out there since 1981. The answer to this question was quickly answered in the workers compensation arena by medicare with the requirements that medicare must be considered […]

Car Accident Claim Vs. UBER and LYFT

Car Accident Claim against UBER and LYFT While presenting a Baltimore car accident claim against a Taxi Cab Company like diamond cab or yellow cab has always been time consuming and often difficult, a car accident claim against Uber and Lyft drivers has been much easier to pursue. Insurance coverage available for a car accident […]

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