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Helpful humor brightens dull process

A laugh echoes, ringing from behind the office’s closed door to the waiting area just past it. It’s a familiar sound to those who share the space in Suite 744 and a noise that takes newcomers by pleasant surprise: the signature laugh of Baltimore auto accident attorney Marc Atas.

What shouldn’t come as a surprise is the fact that Baltimore auto accident attorney Marc Atas takes genuine joy out of helping others. Absent is the stuffy, disinterested attorney and gone are the humdrum meetings most people envision when picturing their legal counsel; present is a lively, engaged advocate who understands the importance of making his clients feel comfortable.

To those who expect more than basic representation, Baltimore auto accident attorney Marc Atas  stands head and shoulders above others in his field.     Boasting 37 years of successful practice in the courtroom, Baltimore auto accident attorney Marc Atas knows the ins and outs of the system and works all of his assets to your benefit. This coupling of attitude and experience well serves a variety of cases, especially auto accidents.

Having an attorney with such a strong presence both in and out of the courtroom comes as a great comfort to people involved in car accidents, as seen in the many referrals Baltimore auto accident attorney Marc Atas  gets from satisfied clients who are eager to pass on his name.

The satisfaction is understandable, thanks to this attorney’s unique blend of dedication, resolve and good humor. It seems sometimes all it takes is a little optimism to brighten an otherwise dull legal process.

Insurance Companies: friend or foe?

The legal process is tricky enough without factoring in the games insurance companies play to fool first time accident victims into poor decisions. Using gimmicks and flashy settlement offers, insurers laugh all the way to the bank as they profit from victims’ ignorance.

In an effort to stop their unjust profiting, this second installment of the “twelve things an insurance company doesn’t want you to know” focuses on an attorney’s role in challenging the insurers’.  Familiarize yourself with these last six little-known facts before you’re involved in an accident and avoid falling into the insurance companies’ traps.

(7)If you are a passenger in a friend or relative’s car, you can collect without putting your loved one in financial turmoil.

Recovering fully from an accident doesn’t have to mean pushing your friend into bankruptcy. By arranging your settlement so that your friend has to pay nothing out of pocket, Mr. Atas can ensure you get the compensation you deserve, without compromising your friendship.

(8)Quick settlement offers are often insufficient.

If you’ve been involved in an accident and the other driver is responsible, you will likely receive a call from the other driver’s insurance company offering a seemingly attractive settlement. Be warned that this offer, while it may cover your medical expenses and lost wages, may also be substantially smaller than an award you could win for additional factors, such as any unwanted lifestyle changes or resulting pain. Always check with your attorney before accepting a settlement offer to make sure you aren’t getting short-changed!

(9)Attorneys know how much the insurance company will pay on a case.

The real value of your case is how much a judge or jury will award.

An experienced attorney knows how much compensation your case will bring in and can affect the eventual award by presenting your case in the most favorable light possible.

(10)Specialization can be more important than you think.

With the ever-changing laws and regulations, it is increasingly important to consult an attorney who has experience handling auto accident cases.  Picking a lawyer who is up to date with changes in the law will make the difference in your settlement.

(11)Hiring an attorney does not necessarily mean your case will go to trial.

Just because you decide to consult an attorney about your auto accident does not mean your case will result in a trial. In fact, very few cases end up in court. Being prepared for trial is important, however, as the insurance companies will often offer greater settlements if they know you are ready to present your case. Put Mr. Atas in your corner to fight on your behalf and you’ll no doubt come out with your arms raised above your head.

(12)Insurance companies are not your friend.             Insurance companies are in the business to make money. The more money they can save in your case, the more money the insurance company gets to put in the bank. Insurance adjustors have been schooled on how to take advantage of people not represented by an attorney.Don’t jeopardize your money; arm yourself against the adjustor’s ploys by entrusting an equally savvy lawyer.

Practice makes perfect

His name might as well be Jack. Juggling all types of cases, ranging from auto accidents to workers compensation claims to everything in between, this jack of all trades has honed his skills as a lawyer so well that it seems a name change is in order.

Kidding aside, ’Baltimore auto accident attorney Marc Atas  ever-growing practice has lent itself to a broad range of cases over the past 27 years, making him well-versed in many areas of law.

Cleaning up after auto accidents

Baltimore auto accident attorney Marc Atas will begin by taking care of all the burdensome loose ends left hanging over your head. For auto accidents, this can involve pesky details like estimating damage to your car, finding competent, available physicians and therapists and acquiring a suitable rental car. Part and parcel of Baltimore auto accident attorney Marc Atas ’ job is to also manage the big tasks at hand, like persuading the insurance companies to view the accident in your favor and successfully arguing your case, if necessary.


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Note: The information you obtain through this newsletter is not, nor is intended to be, legal advice. Please consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your situation.

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