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March 2017

Perspective calms worried car accident victims
If the thought of road-side arguments, deceptive insurance companies and a drawn-out legal battle seems scarier than the split-second car accident causing all of it, you’re not alone. For many, the process following a Car Accident is more painful and lengthy than it needs to be.
There is an easier way, as Mr. Atas tells all of his clients. The car accident itself—not your efforts to resolve it—should be the worst you go through. With Mr. Atas’ help and some well-placed advice, your case can be handled the right way from the start. Follow these guidelines after the accident to ensure an easy, problem-free case.

1. Alert the police that a Car Accident has taken place and describe your whereabouts.
2. Exchange information with the other driver, including: name(s) of driver and car owner, tag number and insurance information.
3. Write down the tag number, even if the police officer tells you he has gotten all the information and will give you a police report.
4. Contact an attorney to discuss options for your case.
5. Report the accident to your insurance company.
6. NEVER admit fault—to anyone!

Car Accident FAQs
What is PIP?
PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and is a provision in your insurance policy that covers lost wages or medical expenses from car accidents. Typical PIP coverage is for up to $2,500 and is paid no matter who is at fault. The medical provider usually gets the money first, so medical bills exceeding $2,500 will leave no PIP coverage for your lost wages. If you need the money for your lost wages immediately, inform your attorney and he/she will handle the PIP money accordingly.
What is a PIP waiver?
Waiving the PIP coverage in your policy means that you are giving up your right to cash in on PIP benefits. The determining factor in whether you get PIP benefits hinges on who in your household has paid for the coverage. If you or anyone living in your household has waived PIP coverage, you will not be eligible to access the benefits. Even if the car you were in has PIP coverage, you will still be excluded from the benefits. For answers to other questions relating to auto accidents, check out the FAQ feature on the auto accident page of Mr. Atas’ web-site,, or call the office at (410)752-4878.

Insurance companies: friend or foe?
Just when it seems life can’t get any more complicated, a twist of fate—or steering wheel—throws you in the middle of a car accident. With injuries, insurance companies, disputes over who is at fault and mind-numbing details, an already untimely accident often becomes overwhelming.
Teaming up with an attorney trained to handle everything from tracking down a doctor to trying your case can make the entire process more manageable.
Mr. Atas can let you know about little-known quirks and common misconceptions insurance companies use to fool first-time accident victims. Avoid letting the insurer get the best of you by wising up to the first six of twelve things an insurance company doesn’t want you to know.
(1) The insurance company may have to pay for your car’s loss in value.
If your car is severely damaged in a car accident, you will have a much harder time selling it or getting a good deal on it. In spite of this, insurance companies only offer to pay the cost to repair your car and provide no money for the car’s loss in value. Your attorney can hire an appraiser to calculate this loss in value and can convince the insurance company to pay the additional amount.
(2)Your own insurance company may pay your medical expenses and lost wages up to $2500.00.
Most automobile policies in Maryland carry PIP. PIP pays medical expenses and lost wages up to $2500.00 no matter who is at fault, even if the other side is also going to cover these same expenses. Under Maryland law the insurance company is forbidden from canceling your insurance or raising your rates if you collect under the PIP portion of your policy.
(3)You can collect your medical expenses and lost wages more than once.
Medical expenses can be reimbursed from many sources even though you only pay them once. This means you may receive money for the same medical bill from multiple sources, such as from the party at fault, your health insurance and the PIP coverage under your own policy. If you are involved in a car accident while on the job, workers compensation may also help pay your bills.
(4) You are entitled to a rental car paid for by the faulty driver’s insurance company.
The driver who caused the accident’s insurance company should provide a suitable rental car. Mr. Atas can ask the rental agency to accept direct billing from the insurer so you do not have to pay any out of pocket money. He can also make sure your rental car is comparable to the car you had
at the time of the accident, rather than the cheapest car on the lot. By requesting a
collision damage waiver, Mr. Atas will cut costs again by saving you from paying for collision coverage that the rental agency may require.
(5) It is possible to see doctors and specialists soon after your accident.
Doctors, especially specialists like orthopedists or neurologists, have long waiting lists and sometimes cannot fit you into their schedules for months. A well-connected attorney can usually have you under a doctor or specialist’s watch within 24 hours.
(6)You don’t have to pay up-front for a doctor’s visit.
Most doctors won’t see a patient without getting some sort of up-front payment or insurance information. Even if you don’t have health insurance or cannot afford to pay up-front, Mr. Atas can help you find a doctor who will wait to be paid until your case is settled.
The remaining six items will appear in the next issue.

Stand-out attorney stands up for the injured
In an age where lawyers seem to be a dime a dozen, it is difficult to distinguish one attorney from another. But among the salty-haired veterans and fresh-faced novices emerges someone uniquely his own, someone willing to separate himself from the pack in the name of personalization.
Enter Marc Atas, a homegrown Baltimorean who has made and kept a promise to the community for over 37 years. Vowing to treat each client as if he/she were a member of his family, Mr. Atas single handedly oversees every case and makes all of his clients a personal priority.
By pairing this hands-on approach with an aggressive spirit, he brings favorable verdicts and generous settlements to seemingly every case he touches and every client he defends.
Daily grind brings favorable results
A mid-morning real estate settlement, a lunch-hour DWI case, an afternoon trial in Circuit Court and a late-night car accident: welcome to always busy but never boring life of Marc Atas.
Mixing up his days and settling down his nights with case work in many areas of law, Mr. Atas devotes endless hours to his practice to make good on his motto, “quality representation with a personal touch.”
Rest assured Mr. Atas can successfully handle cases in many areas of law. For legal woes from criminal charges to custody disputes, turn to the ever-busy attorney who appreciates a little hard work.
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Note: The information you obtain through this newsletter is not, nor is intended to be, legal advice. Please consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your situation.

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