How long for car accident claim to settle?

Clients often ask how long does it take for a car accident claim to be settled. In fact typically that’s one of the first questions that clients ask in the initial interview. I give clients the same answer each time. “It depends.” If the insurance company accepts responsibility immediately, and the if clients injuries are relatively minor and if I receive all the medical bills in a relatively short period of time and if the insurance company is reasonable in negotiations and calls me back when I call, than the case can settle usually within 30 days after the clients treatment has completed. However, there’s a lot if’s in this particular sentence and for that reason while some cases can settle within two months of the accident other cases can take years before the case is resolved by the courts.

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How long for car accident claim to settle? When hiring a lawyer, clients should ask at least two questions not just the one above. How long will take for the accident claim to settle and how will I know that I’m getting the most amount of money I can possibly get. Insurance companies are aware that most clients are more interested in how quickly the case settles and rather than how much money they receive. Clients who only care about How long for car accident claim to settle?, more often than not received less than what the case is worth. In the alternative clients who receive a full and adequate recovery are less interested in how quickly the cases are resolved and are more interested in the amount of money they receive.

How long for car accident claim to settle? When hiring an attorney, while,  How long for car accident claim to settle?should certainly be a factor, it should not be the only factor. If the lawyer is doing his job by reporting the accident immediately, getting your car fixed in a timely basis, getting you a rental car immediately, obtaining your medicals when available and forwarding your medical bills and lost wages to the insurance company shortly after you’ve completed your treatment than the lawyers doing all he can to move your case along. If within a relatively short period after submitting your medicals and lost wages to the insurance company the lawyer is calling the insurance company in order to try and settle the case than the lawyers is doing his job.

If the lawyer follows up with you after he receives the final offer and offers his opinion on whether to accept the offer and then agrees to file suit in your case if the offer is unacceptable, then the lawyer is doing his job. If after you discuss with your lawyer the pros and cons of accepting settlement versus filing suit you decide to file suit and the lawyer immediately files suit and obtains a trial date, then the lawyers is doing his job. While that may mean that your case may take a year or two to get resolved that is not the fault of the lawyer as he is done what he supposed to do and the insurance company is being unreasonable.

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How long for car accident claim to settle? If the lawyer does not report the accident right away, does not get your car fixed or rental car authorized without an explanation, does not return your calls or only allows you to talk to secretary, then you can assume your case will not be dealt with in a timely basis and your case is not a priority for this lawyer. If no demand has been made of the insurance company within 45 days of when you completed your treatment, then your lawyer is probably the cause for the delay. If after you reject an offer, the lawyer has not filed suit within 30 days, then the lawyer is causing a delay. If the lawyer has not served the defendant in your suit within 60 days and has no explanation, then your lawyer may be causing a delay. If your lawyer has to ask for a postponement, when your case comes up for trial, he may be the one not giving priority to your case.

How long for car accident claim to settle? If all you care about is how quickly your case is settled and the money is secondary, you should let your lawyer know up front so that he can dispose of your case as quickly as possible even though it is likely that you will not get the last dollar that may be available in your case. Every client is different and has different needs and has different expectations. These expectations should be made clear to the lawyer up front so that the client can be happy with the services that the lawyer provides. If after discussing your desires with your lawyer he refuses to comply with your wishes then you may want to find another lawyer.

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