Top mistakes made in your Maryland car accident case

  1. Failure to call the police immediately
  2. Failure to locate witnesses
  3. Failure to obtain the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all of the witnesses
  4. Failure to obtain all of the relevant information at the scene. Do not rely on the police officer to do so
  5. Failure to take a picture of the position of the cars, the license plates of all cars and the drivers license registration and insurance information
  6. Failure to go to the hospital when the police offer to call an ambulance
  7. If you do not go to the hospital at the scene, then failure to go the hospital as soon as you are feeling pain
  8. Check out the reviews on line about your lawyer before you hire the lawyer, not after the communication problems begin.
  9. Failure to call a lawyer before you call the insurance company
  10. Failure to let the lawyer call the Insurance Company
  11. Failure to contact an attorney before giving a recorded statement to the insurance company
  12. Assumption the insurance company will do the right thing
  13. Failure to take pictures of all visible injuries
  14. Failure to continue medical treatment until you are fully recovered.
  15. Do not miss your medical appointments
  16. Make sure you tell the doctor all of your complaints
  17. Make sure you tell the doctor your entire medical history including prior complaints to body parts injured in the accident
  18. do not exaggerate your injuries
  19. Do not accept the first offer made by the insurance company
  20. Do not try to settle your case without a lawyer
  21. Do not settle your case within the first week of the accident
  22. Do not accept a settlement that does not consider your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering
  23. Determine whether you can make a diminished value claim for the depreciated value of your car after the accident
  24. Do not withhold information from your lawyer
  25. If you have another accident or injury before your case is settled, make sure you inform your lawyer

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