Top Mistakes When Hiring a Maryland Car Accident Lawyer 

Hiring the lawyer, you see advertising on television. Clients assume that lawyers who advertise on television must be great because they are well known and are almost like celebrities. However, this is a false impression.

Lawyers advertise on television because they can- not obtain enough clients by referral from other clients that they have represented in the past. More likely, these law offices are interested in making a lot of money as opposed to making sure their clients are fully compensated and happy with their services.

Hiring the first lawyer that appears on google. Google splits the listing of lawyers into several sections. The top, bottom and right side of a google result are lawyers who have paid to be placed in that position.

Google placement in these areas is not based upon merit. The more reliable sections for search of the attorney is the maps section since this includes reviews by former clients which will give you a better idea of what your experience will be like with the lawyer

Ideally, a referral by a friend and then a check on google maps for reviews of that lawyer to confirm what your friends experience was with other clients of that lawyer

Ask them where the obtain most of their cases. If they obtain most of their cases from happy prior clients this is an indication, that you will have the same happy experience

Choose a lawyer who has many years’ experience handling personal injury, car accident or auto claims. Personal injury, car accident or auto claims are not subjects that are taught in law school. These are areas of the law that you learn from experience.

How to efficiently handle a personal injury, car accident or auto claim requires many years’ experience. How to evaluate the value of a personal injury, car accident or auto claim is not based upon a formula, but is based upon many years of setting or trying cases and seeing what results are obtained.

Unless you have tried hundreds of cases with each insurance company, there is no way to know what a jury is likely to award if you do not accept a settlement offer. Unless you have settled hundreds of cases with each insurance company, there is no way to know whether they are making their top offer. Make sure you pick a lawyer with vast experience and who is willing to take a case to trial if necessary.

Before hiring the lawyer, ask him how long he has been practicing, what is their area of expertise, how many cases have they handled and whether they have handled cases like yours

Ask the lawyer who will be handling your case. Many firms have multiple lawyers and you should not assume you will be represented by the person you have met or talked to.

Once you are a client who will you be communicating with. Will you contacts be with the secretary or paralegal or with the lawyer.

Find out their policy on return phone calls and keeping the client in the loop.

Ask the lawyer regarding how the fee is calculated and whether you will be responsible for any other expenses. See if the lawyer charges for photocopies and postage. This may be an indication that they will take advantage of you.

Have the lawyer explain the process and how long each step takes

Do not ask on day one what your case is worth as the truth is every case is different and the lawyer would have no idea at this point. If the lawyer tells you a value then he is probably either guessing or lying.

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