Maryland Workers Compensation Benefits

What Maryland workers compensation benefits a person can recover in a workers’ compensation claim? When a person is injured on the job, he/she can file a workers’ compensation claim and receive workers compensation benefits . Filing a Workers Compensation claim entitles you to valuable  workers compensation benefits including lost wages, medical benefits, vocational rehabilitation and a permanent […]

Appeal of a Workers Compensation Decision

Appeal of a workers compensation decision Maryland workers compensation appeals are costly and complicated.Issues include deciding whether you want a judge or jury and whether the case is to be tried denovo or on the record. 9-745. Conduct of appeal proceedings  (a) In general. — The proceedings in an appeal shall: (1) be informal and summary; and […]

Maryland Workers Compensation Commission

Maryland Workers Compensation Commission Hearings After you file the claim part of the process of a Maryland Workers Compensation Commission claim is what it’s like to go to a Maryland Workers Compensation Commission trial at the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission. On the day of the hearing at the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission you appear and there […]

Subsequent Injury Fund-What is it?

What is the Subsequent Injury Fund? The Subsequent Injury Fund is a Maryland State Government agency that was set up under the Maryland workers compensation law in order to compensate an employee injured on the job, who also suffers from significant pre-existing conditions. The law recognizes that when employees are injured on the job and […]

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