DAY I Interview client Obtain details of accident Obtain clients medical history from accident Obtain clients medical history before accident Set client up for appropriate medical treatment WEEK ONE File workers compensation claim Report accident to workers compensation insurance company Send for all medical records before and after the accident WEEK TWO Send insurance company […]

How Much Do I Get Paid While Out On Workers Comp?

How much do I get paid while out on workers comp? The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company will pay two-thirds of your average weekly wage for every day you miss from work with a doctor’s excuse. You do not get paid for the first three days until you missed two weeks of work. These payments are […]

Are Workers Compensation Settlements And Awards Marital Property Under Maryland Divorce Laws?

Are workers Compensation settlements and awards marital property under Maryland Divorce laws? The purpose of this article is to determine whether a worker’s compensation settlement or award is considered Marital property under the Maryland Marital Property act and therefore subject to splitting between spouses if they are divorced. The appellate courts have interpreted the Maryland […]

Are Maryland Workers Compensation Benefits Taxable?

Are Maryland Workers Compensation benefits taxable? Amounts you receive as workers’ compensation for an occupational disease or accidental injury on the job are not taxable by the state or federal government if they’re paid under the Maryland Workers Compensation law. The exemption also applies to Maryland Workers Compensation death or dependent survivor’s claims as well […]

How Long Does A Workers’ Compensation Case Take?

Maryland work injury attorney-I need my benefits yesterday-How long does a workers’ compensation case take? A Maryland work injury attorney knows there is no time limit as to how long a workers’ compensation case will take. Because the case can stay open for the rest of your life, some case have continued for 20 or […]

Maryland workers comp benefits-Temporary Total Benefits

Maryland workers comp benefits-Temporary Total Benefits While you are unable to work, the workers’ compensation insurance company as part of your Maryland Workers Comp benefits is responsible to pay two-thirds of your average weekly wage for every day you miss from work with a doctor’s excuse, except you do not get paid for the first […]

Maryland workers compensation claims – Light Duty

What does an employee do when released to light duty? In Maryland workers compensation claims, there are times when either your treating doctor or a doctor chosen by the insurance company releases you to return to work light duty . Returning to work on light duty is an excellent way to avoid job loss.This raises […]

Maryland Workers Compensation Benefits

What Maryland workers compensation benefits a person can recover in a workers’ compensation claim? When a person is injured on the job, he/she can file a workers’ compensation claim and receive workers compensation benefits . Filing a Workers Compensation claim entitles you to valuable  workers compensation benefits including lost wages, medical benefits, vocational rehabilitation and a permanent […]

Maryland Workers Compensation Commission

Maryland Workers Compensation Commission Hearings After you file the claim part of the process of a Maryland Workers Compensation Commission claim is what it’s like to go to a Maryland Workers Compensation Commission trial at the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission. On the day of the hearing at the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission you appear and there […]

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