Wrongful Death Cases in Maryland

Wrongful Death and Survival Action The wrongful death statute and the survival statute have different purposes. These causes of action are brought by different persons. The damages are recovered for different reasons. The causes of action, though growing out of the same wrongful act, are entirely different. The wrongful death statute purpose is to provide […]

Auto Accident Lawyer In Baltimore Represents Injured Minors

Auto accident lawyer in baltimore Marc Atas explains who can settle a claim on behalf of a minor? Who can sue on behalf of a minor? Every auto accident lawyer in Baltimore knows in the State of Maryland there are two different rules that apply when bringing a claim on behalf of a minor. The […]

Does Speeding Bar Recovery In A Maryland Car Accident?

Does speeding bar recovery in a Maryland car accident? Normally, when you have the right of way, and a Maryland car accident occurs, the other driver is at fault. Examples include: 1. when you are on a straight boulevard and a car coming in the opposite direction makes a left in front of you, 2. […]

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