How Much Are Injuries Worth In A Truck Accident?

How much are injuries worth in a Truck Accident? In 2013, 54 million people sustained injuries from traffic collisions. This resulted in 1.4 million deaths in 2013, up from 1.1 million deaths in 1990. About 68,000 of these occurred in children less than five years old. Many of the more serious accidents involved trucks. Here […]

Can you make a Wrongful Death claim on behalf of a fetus in Maryland?

Can you make a Wrongful Death claim on behalf of a fetus in Maryland? The simple answer is sometimes. the Court of Appeals affirmed that a cause of action lies for prenatal injuries to a viable child who is either stillborn or born alive and to a nonviable child who is born alive. The cause […]

Is The Money I Receive in a Car Accident Settlement Taxable?

Is the money I receive in a car accident settlement taxable? In general, the money that is received from a car accident settlement is not taxable as long as it was received due to a physical injury or physical sickness. The IRS states that: If you receive a settlement for personal physical injuries or physical […]

Last Clear Chance Beats Contributory Negligence

Last Clear Chance Beats Contributory Negligence In order to win in a car accident, truck accident, pedestrian accident, motor cycle accident, or bicycle accident, the injured party must prove the other driver was negligent. Examples of negligence are violating the rules of the road like speeding, stop signs or red lights. Further example would be […]

Injured Back in a Maryland Car Accident

Injured Back in a Maryland Car Accident What causes low back pain in a car accident? A traumatic injury, such as from playing sports, car accidents, or a fall at work can injure tendons, ligaments or muscle resulting in low back pain. Traumatic injury may also cause the spine to become overly compressed, which in […]

My Neck Was Injured in a Car Accident in Maryland

My neck was injured in a car accident in Maryland A neck injury or whiplash is a relatively common injury that occurs in a car accident in Maryland. Whiplash often occurs to a person’s neck following a sudden acceleration-deceleration force that causes unrestrained, rapid forward and backward movement of the head and neck, most commonly […]

Speed As Cause Of An Accident

The rights and duties of motorists regarding the speed of their vehicles is largely defined in Md. Transp. Code Ann. §21-801.1-speeding cause accident. The Maryland legislature has established maximum speed limits as follows: 30 miles an hour on all highways in a business district and undivided highways in a residential district; 35 miles an hour […]

Car Accident at a Red Light

Car Accident at Red Light Normally, the car that runs a red light is at fault. Generally, when a car enters an intersection on a green light and there involved in an accident with another car that had a red light in the action will be considered to be the fault of the car that […]

Rear End Collisions

Rear end collisions in Maryland Generally, the vehicle that rear ends another vehicle is at fault. Maryland law states that you may not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent. The driver to the rear must exercise reasonable and ordinary care to avoid injury to vehicles in front of him. Otherwise, rear end […]

Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accident Deciding who is at fault in a pedestrian accident is always difficult. Pedestrian cases are often the most difficult cases to win if they go to trial.However injuries from pedestrian accident claims are usually very serious. Lawyers must work very hard to make sure these types of cases are presented properly.…omobile-accident/ ‎ A […]

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