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There are few times more important to hire a competent Baltimore criminal defense lawyer than when you are charged with a crime. Experienced in felony and misdemeanor criminal defense, Baltimore criminal defense lawyer Marc Atas represents clients with remarkable skill and dedication. Using all available means to ensure that his attorney clients receive outstanding legal representation and access to justice, Baltimore criminal attorney Marc Atas vigorously defends his client’s rights.
The consequences of a criminal conviction can be devastating. If the government is trying to convict you of a crime, Baltimore criminal defense lawyer Marc Atas will make sure that your rights are protected and that you are treated fairly. The Maryland State’s attorney and police are representing the state of Maryland, not looking out for your best interest.
The legal system can seem overwhelming and even frightening if you have been charged with a crime. Sift through the jargon and cut straight to the facts with this breakdown of the elements at play.
The Baltimore law office of Marc J. Atas handles all types of criminal defense matters in Maryland’s criminal, traffic, district & circuit court, including felonies, misdemeanors, drug, distribution and possession; all types of violent crimes, theft crimes, sex crimes, spousal abuse, domestic violence crimes, juvenile court and violations of probation.
Criminal attorney Marc Atas knows the criminal system inside and out. No matter what type of crime you are charged with, no matter what the evidence is against you, no matter what the facts of your case are, you can count on Baltimore criminal defense lawyer Marc Atas to defend you.
Criminal charges can result in the loss of your freedom as well as large fines and long periods of probation. A persons freedom is their most valuable possession. Do Not Take Your Freedom For Granted.
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