Car Accident at a Red Light

Car Accident at Red Light Normally, the car that runs a red light is at fault. Generally, when a car enters an intersection on a green light and there involved in an accident with another car that had a red light in the action will be considered to be the fault of the car that […]

Rear End Collisions

Rear end collisions in Maryland Generally, the vehicle that rear ends another vehicle is at fault. Maryland law states that you may not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent. The driver to the rear must exercise reasonable and ordinary care to avoid injury to vehicles in front of him. Otherwise, rear end […]

Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian accident Deciding who is at fault in a pedestrian accident is always difficult. Pedestrian cases are often the most difficult cases to win if they go to trial.However injuries from pedestrian accident claims are usually very serious. Lawyers must work very hard to make sure these types of cases are presented properly.…omobile-accident/ ‎ A […]

Bicycle Accident

Bicycle Accident All rules of the road apply to bicycle riders. Md. TRANSPORTATION Code Ann. § 21-1202 Traffic laws apply to bicycles and motor scooters. Every person operating a bicycle or a motor scooter in a public bicycle area has all the rights granted to and is subject to all the duties required of the […]

Statute of Limitations in a Workers Compensation Claim

Statute of limitations in a Workers Compensation Claim In occupational disease claims employees or dependents of employees who have died have a two year statute of limitations from the date of disablement or 2 years from when the employee or dependent had actual knowledge that the disablement was caused by the employment.An employee who suffers […]

Wrongful Death Cases in Maryland

Wrongful Death and Survival Action The wrongful death statute and the survival statute have different purposes. These causes of action are brought by different persons. The damages are recovered for different reasons. The causes of action, though growing out of the same wrongful act, are entirely different. The wrongful death statute purpose is to provide […]

Can I Use A Maryland Lawyer For An Accident That Happened In Delaware?

Can I use a Maryland lawyer for an accident that happened in Delaware? Yes. If you live in Maryland but were in an accident while you were Delaware, The Law Office of Marc Atas and Associates will represent you for your personal injury, car accident, truck accident, automobile accident, and property damage claims. While we […]

Baltimore Car Accident Attorney Demand Letter To Insurance Company

Baltimore Car accident attorney Marc Atas demonstrates what a typical demand letter looks like in an automobile accident claim to an insurance company claim?  The purpose of this letter is to enable you to properly evaluate the claim of Joe Victim.  Mr. Victim is fifty-one years old. He has been happily married to Sarah Victim […]

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