Law Office of Marc Atas Obtains a $325,000.00 Settlement for Delaware Man Involved In A Motor Vehicle Accident In Wicomico County, MarylandBaltimore car accident lawyer

A 63 year old Delaware resident (Mr. B) was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Wicomico County.  Mr. B was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by a family member.

As the vehicle Mr. B was riding in was traveling on the roadway, a large commercial pick-up truck crossed the center lane and struck the vehicle Mr. B was in on the driver’s side front quarter panel, causing it to spin out and come to rest off the roadway.  The vehicle Mr. B was in was totaled.

Following the accident, Mr. B was taken by ambulance to Peninsula Regional Medical Center complaining of severe pain in his leg.  Mr. B was in the hospital for ten (10) days.  He was diagnosed with a fractured leg which required surgery using internal fixation with hardware as well as reattachment of his meniscus.

Following the hospital, Mr. B had one (1) week of inpatient rehab, a short period of physical therapy and in-home nursing care for just over three (3) weeks.

He followed up with an Orthopedist who discharged him exactly three (3) months from the date of accident.  At the time of discharge, he was able to walk without a cane and had a mild limp and no complaints of pain.

Mr. B’s medical bills totaled just under $77,000.00.

The Law Office of Marc Atas rejected the initial offer of $125,000.00 and continued negotiations with the carrier for just over one (1) month.

Ultimately, the Law Office of Marc Atas was able to get the insurance company to pay well OVER DOUBLE what they initially offered, settling the case for $325,000.00.


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