Car Accident Attorney Baltimore -Circuit Court AccidentTrials

Sometimes a Car Accident Attorney Baltimore will demand a jury trial in the Circuit Court.A Circuit Court trial is similar to the District Court trial with the same questions. The main difference between a District Court trial and a Circuit Court trial is that Circuit Court trials usually involve a jury and the medicals records […]

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer -Depositions—giving your story to the other side before trial.

Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer -Depositions—giving your story to the other side before trial. After Interrogatories are exchanged between the parties and answers are given, depositions may be taken by your Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer . In a deposition, your  Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer or the other attorney discusses the circumstances of the case and takes […]

Auto Accident Lawyer Baltimore- Interrogatories

After the Defendant has filed an Answer, Interrogatories, or thirty questions exchanged between the parties, are typically exchanged. Click to see a typical list of questions filed by the Auto Accident Lawyer Baltimore :   State your full name, home address, date of birth, marital status and social security number. By whom were you employed […]

Baltimore Injury Lawyers-Favorable Civil Verdicts

Baltimore Injury lawyers  are always trying to obtain a favorable civil verdict for their client. After you testify, the rest of your witnesses will be called to testify and, to be cross-examined by the defense attorney. At the end of your case the Defendant’s attorney will make a motion to dismiss your claim. After hearing […]

Baltimore Accident Lawyer Cross Examination

Your Baltimore Accident Lawyer cross examination preparation is very important. These are the typical questions asked in a District Court case by your Baltimore Accident Lawyer and these questions may also be asked by your Baltimore Accident Lawyer in a Circuit Court case. After your Baltimore accident lawyer asks you questions on direct examination, the […]

Car Accident Trial- Your Day in Court- Maryland

Finally after months if not years, your car accident trial has arrived. Your car accident lawyer must prepare you for the questions that will be asked. On your trial date for your car accident trial in District Court your case will be scheduled along with five or ten other cases. Your case is a public […]

Car Accident Case Court Filing Procedure in Maryland

Car Accident Case – Prepare yourself for District Court or Circuit Court! Where to File If it turns out that the car accident case cannot be settled, a Baltimore auto accident attorney can be extremely helpful in pursuing the rest of a car accident case. The next part of the process, filing the car accident […]

Total Loss Evaluation in A Car Accident

HOW DOES THE INSURANCE COMPANY DETERMINE THE VALUE OF A TOTAL LOSS  When your vehicle is involved in a serious accident, you may find out that the insurance company has decided to declare your vehicle a total loss. Whether an Insurance Company declares a vehicle a total loss is governed by Maryland law and is […]


DO I HAVE TO ACCEPT THE INSURANCE OFFER TO TOTAL LOSS MY VEHICLE? Normally, if a car has significant damage, a car owner is happy when the insurance company declares their vehicle a total loss. After an accident, many owners no longer have an interest in fixing their vehicles and are afraid to drive the […]

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