Baltimore Injury lawyers  are always trying to obtain a favorable civil verdict for their client. After you testify, the rest of your witnesses will be called to testify and, to be cross-examined by the defense attorney. At the end of your case the Defendant’s attorney will make a motion to dismiss your claim. After hearing from your Baltimore Injury Lawyers ,if the Judge feels that  there is some evidence, no matter how slight that the accident happened the way you say it happened, your case will go forward. If the Judge feels that there is sufficient evidence at that time to find you at fault as a matter of law, then your case will be dismissed. If the motion to dismiss is denied, the Defendant will present his side of the case.

\The Defendant will testify and present any witnesses. Your Baltimore Injury Lawyers will then have the right to cross-examine those witnesses. At the end of the case your Baltimore Injury Lawyers and the defense lawyer will have a chance to argue through their attorneys their version of the case and the damages involved.

The Judge will then render a verdict.The burden of proof is now different. The judge must be convinced that it is more likely than not that the accident happened the way you have described and the defendant had not proved their defense by the same standard. In addition your Baltimore Injury Lawyers have the burden of proof to convince the judge that it is more likely than not you were injured as you testified to and that the treatment is causally related to the accident.If the judge is convinced that it is more likely than not that the accident happened the way your  Baltimore Injury Lawyers have described and the injuries are from the accident, but the defendant had  proved their defense by the same standard, than in most cases the verdict will be in favor of the defendant.

A judge can still rule in your favor, even if he does  believe both parties are at fault, if he finds that the defendant more likely than not had the last clear chance to avoid the accident.

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