Can an Uber or LYFT Driver File a Maryland Workers Compensation claim?

Can an Uber or LYFT Driver File a Maryland Workers Compensation claim? There are no Maryland appellate cases addressing the issue of whether an Uber or Lyft driver can file a Maryland workers compensation claim. The issue depends upon whether the Uber of Lyft driver is an employee or an independent contractor. If the Uber […]

How Long Does A Workers’ Compensation Case Take?

Maryland work injury attorney-I need my benefits yesterday-How long does a workers’ compensation case take? A Maryland work injury attorney knows there is no time limit as to how long a workers’ compensation case will take. Because the case can stay open for the rest of your life, some case have continued for 20 or […]

Maryland Workers Compensation Claim

Maryland Workers Compensation Claim When a person is injured on the job, there are many people the injured party will have to deal with in order to receive the benefits they are entitled to under a Maryland Workers Compensation claim: *Claimant in a Maryland workers compensation claim -the person injured on the job and is […]

A Workers Comp Attorney is Essential in Maryland Workers Comp Claim

You NEED A Baltimore Workers Comp Attorney TO OBTAIN FOR YOU THE BENEFITS YOU DESERVE In a Maryland Workers Comp Claim. Workers’ compensation laws are meant to ensure that employees, who are injured on the job, are provided with the following benefits: excellent medical treatment lost wages until you can return to work vocational rehabilitation monetary […]

Dependency of Wife in Workers Compensation Claim

Dependency in a Workers compensation Death Case and a Baltimore Workers Compensation Claim. 218 Md. 581 (1959) 147 A.2d 756 MULLAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ET AL. v. DAY Although they had been married in 1949, the claimant testified that she and her husband had never pooled their earnings. She used her money to buy things she […]

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