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It will be awesome if the insurance company always did in a timely manner what the law requires them to do. However, is very common for the insurance company not do what they’re legally required to do. That is why it is important to have a Maryland workers comp lawyer from the beginning of your workers’ compensation case.

The Maryland workers comp lawyer fee in a Worker’s Comp case is the same whether you get an attorney in the very beginning of your case or you wait until the end of your case when it’s time to get your permanency award. So why wait. If you wait to obtain a Maryland workers comp lawyer until a problem develops in your Worker’s Compensation case it will take the Maryland workers comp lawyer at least a month or two to gather the necessary information in order to represent you.

This will result in an unnecessary delay in your case. If you had a Maryland workers comp lawyer from the beginning, they should be gathering the records from the beginning and therefore would be ready to deal with any issue as it develops. If you have a good Maryland workers comp lawyer, he/she will be able to anticipate problems before they happen and either solve the problem in advance or request a hearing immediately so that there is little or no delay.

Maryland Workers Comp lawyer

Insurance companies fail to do their obligations for many reasons. The first reason is usually because they don’t have the proper documentation they require in order to do their job. An Insurance company is a big entity. Each insurance adjuster has a supervisor that looks over their shoulder. There are rules that every insurance adjuster has to follow. One of those rules involves not paying any benefits until the proper documentation is submitted.

The rule is if it is not in the adjusters file, then it does not exist. Proper documentation requires that before any payments are made by the adjuster, the employee must actually file a written claim on Maryland Workers Compensation Commission employee claim form.

A Maryland workers comp lawyer can help you prepare and file the claim form.  Another insurance company rule is before a person is paid for any lost time from work, they need to provide a medical report and off work slip. If you don’t have the proper medical documentation then you will not get paid. If you don’t have the prescription from the doctor requesting a certain treatment than you will not receive the treatment your doctor is requesting. A Maryland workers comp lawyer can help you obtain the proper documentation.

The next reason why insurance companies fail to do their obligations, is because insurance adjusters tend to be overworked and have too many cases and don’t have the proper amount of time to spend on each case. In addition, insurance adjusters may be lazy and may not give your case the amount of time that it needs. Because of this, you need to have an attorney who stays on top of the adjuster to make sure that they fulfill the obligations they owe to you.

Maryland Workers Comp lawyer

The next reason why insurance companies fail to do their obligations is because the insurance adjuster decides he wants to be spiteful and make your life difficult. While some insurance companies feel that the best way to deal with your case is to be cooperative and hope that the claimant doesn’t get an attorney, there are other insurance companies that feel the best way to handle Worker’s Comp case is to give the claimant a hard time from beginning to end and hope that they give a just drop the case. These adjusters make each claim a nightmare and require a hearing for every single step and every single treatment and every single payment. Obviously in these situations you must have a lawyer

The bottom line is, the answer to the question why does the insurance companies fail to do their obligations, is because the insurance company really only looks out for their own interests and is not in business to satisfy the needs of the claimant. The job of the claimant’s attorney is to satisfy the needs of the claimant. see attached link on why you need an attorney at a workers compensation hearing.

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