How do I obtain medical treatment for my Maryland Workers Compensation case, when I move to another state?

Under Maryland Workers Compensation law, you have a right to treat with any doctor you choose to treat your condition as long as the medical treatment is necessary and related to your workers compensation injury. While many doctors located in the State of Maryland will accept Workers Compensation cases, you may find it more difficult to find Doctors who will treat you if you move to another State.

If you move to another state after you are injured on the job, you are entitled technically to treatment in whatever state you live in and with any doctor you choose. However, the insurance company only has to pay for the treatment at the pay rate as authorized by the Maryland fee Schedule which is set each year by The Maryland Workers Compensation Commission. When setting the fee schedule the workers compensation commission considers the prevailing rate charged by doctors only inside the State of Maryland. It can be difficult to find doctors in other states to agree to accept payment under the Maryland fee schedule. Other states, may have their own fee schedule that applies in that states workers compensation claims, but the insurance company for the Maryland Workers compensation claim only has to pay what Maryland allows. Doctors in other states may not want to accept what the Maryland fee schedule allows or may not want to get involved at all.

If you can- not find a doctor in your new state that will accept the Maryland fee schedule, then you may have to come back to Maryland to receive your treatment.

As part of your medical treatment in Maryland you are entitled to be reimbursed for mileage to and from the doctor. However if you move to a new state you cannot ask for mileage from your new state back to Maryland to see your Maryland doctor but mileage will only be reimbursed as if you still lived at your old residence not your new state.

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