PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and is insurance coverage which is paid by the insurance company for the vehicle that you were in at the time of the accident or if you were a pedestrian the vehicle that may have struck you. PIP pays medical expenses and/or lost wages up to $2,500.00 unless in your policy PIP benefits exceed $2,500.00. These benefits are paid no matter who is at fault, as long as your policy carries the coverage. If your medical expenses or lost wages exceeds $2,500.00 PIP will not pay anything over the $2,500.00 limit.

PIP coverage normally covers , if not waived, the owner of the vehicle, any resident relatives of the owner, drivers of the vehicle who have permission of the owner to use the vehicle, guests in the vehicle, passengers in the vehicle, pedestrians struck by the insured vehicle, and persons getting in or out of the vehicle or in close proximity to the vehicle and having a nexus to vehicle.
PIP is typically paid directly to the medical provider, so that if the medical expenses exceed $2,500.00 and are paid to the doctor, then there will be no PIP benefits available for lost wages. If you need to collect your lost wages immediately, then inform your Baltimore auto accident attorney that you would like the PIP benefits to be used for your lost wages first, instead of paying the doctors first.
Not every automobile Insurance policy has PIP coverage.There is no PIP coverage for state owned or local government owned vehicles, taxi cabs and buses.
In addition PIP coverage can be waived meaning you can tell the insurance company you do not want to but PIP coverage and if you sign a waiver, then there will be no PIP coverage covering your vehicle for the owner of the vehicle and anyone who is a resident relative of the owner of the vehicle.
Finally there is no pip coverage when the vehicle driven by someone who is involved in an accident that was intentional by the driver, the driver stole the vehicle, the driver had an accident while committing a felony, or the driver was fleeing and eluding the police.
Medical expenses covered must be reasonable, must be causally related to accident, must be incurred within three years of the accident and must be for healthcare or funeral expenses.
PIP claims must be presented in writing to the insurance company on PIP forms provided by the insurance company within one year. Failure to file the written claim on the proper form within the one year will result in denial of your PIP claim.
Pip claims must be paid within 30 days or incur interest charges.Presentation of lost wage or medical claims can easily take 30 days, so if you need the lost wages , you should file for them as quickly as possible.
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