What is my case worth?

In evaluating a claim there are many factors that the auto accident attorney looks at in order to evaluate a claim. Included in those factors are the type of injuries, including whether there are fractures or any other physical signs of injury versus complaints with no visible signs of injury, whether there is a permanent injury, who the client is and what kind of witness the client makes, where the accident happened since some counties are known to give more generous verdicts than others, whether there was significant damage to the vehicles involved since judges and juries are more likely to believe injuries in serious looking accidents than they are in minor property damage cases, who the attorney is, what judge you have, how long the treatment lasted, who the doctors were that performed the treatment, whether there were any objective findings in the x-rays or MRI’s that would point to proof of injuries, whether there is any scarring and/or bruising, the age and sex of the client, whether the client has had any other accidents as the courts look very closely at cases where a client has filed more than one claim and tend to give less credence to people who have filed many claims, is the liability (i.e.) fault clear or disputed, as well as many other factors.
Case Worth
Baltimore auto accident attorneys who have been practicing for a long period of time and have tried many cases know how to give weight to each one of these factors. You can see that each case is different and there is no way for a Baltimore auto accident attorney to tell you the first day of an accident what the case is worth and the attorneys opinion of the value of the case can change as more information is gathered over a period of time. Any lawyer who promises you that he knows the value of your case based upon your initial interview, will most likely not be able to deliver on any promise he makes.
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