What happens at a workers compensation hearing?
After you file the claim part of the process of a Maryland Workers Compensation Commission claim is what it’s like to go to a Maryland Workers Compensation Commission trial at the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission. See attached link to see the entire workers compensation process prior to the workers compensation hearing.On the day of the hearing at the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission you appear and there will be many other hearings for other clients on that particular day. The hearings at the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission tend to take anywhere from ten minutes to two hours depending on how complicated the case is. When your case is called, you will go up to the witness stand. Your attorney will appear with you at the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission. At the trial table will be the lawyer who represents your employer and your insurance company and there may be an attorney from another fund called the Subsequent Injury Fund. Before the hearing at the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission starts the person who hears the case is called the Worker’s Compensation Commissioner. The Worker’s Compensation Commissioner makes the decision in your case. You will typically not get a decision from the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission on that particular day as the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission is going to listen to your testimony, listen to the testimony of the witnesses, listen to what the lawyers have to say in closing, and then when the cases are over for the day, read over the medicals, compare that with the testimony and then render a decision. Sometimes you get the decision from the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission the next day. Sometimes it can take as long as a month.
At a workers’ compensation hearing any medical records are automatically admissible without the necessity of bringing the doctor in to testify. Normally, the claimant testifies first and will testify as to what injuries they received, how they received those injuries, what medical treatment they had and what period of time, if any, they were off from work. On a claim for permanency the claimant will testify as to any permanent complaints they have. The insurance company lawyer will then be able to ask the claimant questions regarding any prior injuries they may have had, any treatment that they may need in the future, whether they had any other accidents after the accident. A typical workers’ compensation hearing may be as short as five or ten minutes or can last as long as one or two hours.
If you are unsatisfied with the decision of the workers compensation commission you can file an appeal to the circuit Court.
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