General Attorney Informational Frequently Asked Questions

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The Law Offices of Attorney Marc Atas has demonstrated great success representing individuals and their families in Auto Accidents, Personal Injury and Workers Compensation.

Our legal team is second to none. We utilize the benefit and advantage of over 35 years of trial experience to fight for you in court.

We devote the same effort, hard work, and preparation in each case, regardless of the magnitude of the matter. We know that every case is very important to the clients involved, as well as their families, and we consider it our obligation to protect those interests.

The Law Office of Marc Atas is dedicated to creating real solutions one client at a time. Our law firm will keep you updated, provide you personal service, promptly return your phone calls, and help protect the best interests of you and your family.

General Attorney Informational Frequently Asked Questions

Attorney Marc J. Atas has compiled a list of the most frequently asked general attorney questions. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us the question and we will be happy to answer it.

  • Is there an initial cost to meet with you?

    Is there an initial cost to meet with you?
    The simple answer is no. The initial consultation is free. Often I can answer simple legal questions over the phone.My general philosophy with regard to giving legal advice is as follows. If you have a relatively simple question, that can be answered based upon my present knowledge,I will be glad to answer to question or give you some guidance without charging you for my expertise. I have had wide legal experience over the last thirty seven years, so there are many topics that I am familiar with.If I do not know the answer, buy can figure it out with minimal work,for an old client there is likely to be no charge.If the matter is outside of my areas of knowledge or expertise, then i still encourage clients to call. I like to act as the gatekeeper for all of my clients legal problems. I keep a list of lawyers I recommend for all types of legal problems. Most of these lawyers i personally know or have referred clients in the past with successful results. A lawyer can not possibly know all of the laws in all of the areas of law. It is hard enough to know all of the law in one area of expertise.
    Normally for the type of cases we do accept and get paid for most are on a contingency fee which means we get paid at the end of the case. There are exceptions like criminal cases where the fees must be paid up front although the initial consultation is still free. See the next section for further details regarding fees in each practice area.
    The initial consultation is important to the lawyer as well as the client. For the client it is your opportunity to meet the lawyer and tell him about the case. Questions should be asked of the lawyer regarding your case, as well as about the lawyer. Clients should size up the lawyer at that time to make sure the lawyer is someone the client wants to work with.

  • If you take my case, how is your fee determined?

    Legal fees vary for different types of cases. Workers’ compensation fees for example are set by the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Workers’ Compensation fees are based on a percentage of any permanent injury award. If there is no permanent injury award there is no fee. If a hearing is required to get you paid for your lost time from work, there may be a fee allowed of ten percent of any back benefits ordered. Workers Compensation fees are on a sliding scale starting at twenty percent of the permanent injury ward and as the award gets higher later amounts of the awarded fee are based on either fifteen percent or ten percent and the workers compensation commission also sets a maximum fee that can be awarded in a workers compensation case that is usually between fourteen thousand and twenty thousand dollars depending upon the year of the accident. All fees are paid at the end by the insurance company from your permanent injury award.

    In auto accident and personal injury claims the fee is one third of whatever is recovered. The fee is based upon the gross recovery. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. In addition you may be responsible for any expenses incurred on your behalf.If suit has to be filed because the case can not be settled the fee percentage will raise to forty percent of any gross recovery.Expenses can include expert fees, court costs, deposition fees, police report costs, private investigators and the costs to obtain medical records.

    In criminal cases the fees can vary. Each case is different and the amount of work involved can vary substantially. Criminal fees will be quoted after the initial free consultation.Criminal fees normally can be made through a payment plan but all fees must be paid by the time of your trial or the first date the lawyer has to make an appearance in court. the earlier the fee is paid the earlier the lawyer will begin work on the case.

  • Is your office difficult to find?

    My office is very accessible. I am located at 6 East Mulberry Street in Downtown Baltimore near the corner of Mulberry Street and Charles Street which is near the Walters Art museum and Washington Monument which is just a few blocks off Interstate 83 and I95. Free Parking is usually available on Mulberry Street and Charles Street.

  • What are “legal expenses” and who pays these?

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