Casual Employment Under Maryland Workers Compensation

STATEMENT OF FACTS 1. On or about September 15, 2013 the Plaintiff,  alleges that while working in Frederick on a painting job for  Painting and Remodeling, Inc. he slid off the roof and fell twelve feet to the ground thereby injuring his back and shoulder. (see attached workers’ compensation claim form and Workers Compensation transcript […]

Loss of consortium allocation attacked by a Workers Compensation Insurance Co

Can an allocation for loss of consortium be attacked by a Maryland Workers Compensation Insurance company if it materially prejudices their ability to recover their lien or increase their holiday? Issue- Whether Insurer suffered material prejudice as the result of the division of the proceeds from the third party settlement i.e., because the reasonable dollar […]

No Appeal Of Workers Compensation Commission Decision To Reserve On An Issue?

Issue: Can you appeal a Workers Compensation Commission decision to reserve on an issue? At that hearing on April 2, 2013 despite the issue of the holiday and the material prejudice having been raised, the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission on 4-26-13 ordered the workers’ compensation carrier to pay the medical bills up front and ordered […]

What is considered a medical service covered by the Maryland Workers Compensation Statute?

Md. Labor and Employment Code Ann. § 9-660 9-660. Provision of medical services and treatment (a) In general. — In addition to the compensation provided under this subtitle, if a covered employee has suffered an accidental personal injury, compensable hernia, or occupational disease the employer or its insurer promptly shall provide to the covered employee, as […]

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