Sometimes your own insurance company wrongly decides to pay the claim for the other driver, believing you are at fault.Sometimes insurance adjusters are lazy and un-supportive of their own insured. Attorneys can challenge this attitude by feeding the adjusters useful information that will gain their support and help in investigating your claim. At times, the adjusters themselves will even hire experts to prove your version of the case. An attorney can help convince an insurance company that your position is the correct position and that you are in the right.
You do not want your insurance company to pay the claim of the other party, for example, if you are not at fault. With the counsel of an attorney, you can avoid the wrongful premium raises or unfair cancellations that would result from this lack of support from your insurer.While adjusters normally go out of their way their way to accept their Insureds  version of the accident that will result in them not having to party the claim, there are times, especially with inexperienced or overworked adjusters where they make the wrong decision. Your lawyer can then step in to advocate on your behalf why the claim should not be paid. Usually, even if the adjuster thinks his client is a fault, he will talk to his insured attorney, to see why he took the case , before he ultimately pays the claim. This gives counsel another chance to explain the insured version of the facts.The attorney can then present again all of the evidence he has to prove that the insured was not in the wrong. law regarding fault in a roundabout case
The attorney can get the witnesses on the phone with the adjuster, get the policeman on the phone to explain what he saw but did not put on his report. Sometimes it can be as easy as providing pictures of the damage to the cars and explaining why the accident could not have happened the way the other side is asserting.
An attorney is essential in order for you to win your case.
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