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Baltimore Attorney Marc Atas is a highly-skilled attorney based in Baltimore, Maryland who represents individuals throughout Maryland in many areas of law practice, including Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Criminal Litigation, Workers Compensation and DUI & Traffic Court.
With over 35 years of legal and litigation experience, Baltimore Attorney Marc Atas is a forceful advocate and makes the legal process as frustration free as possible. Attorney Marc Atas has established a history of success on behalf of clients seeking workers’ compensation benefits, compensation for personal injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents and skilled criminal defense representation in Baltimore’s state criminal courts.

 Auto Accident Cases from A-Z

Many questions may be running through your mind if you have been involved in an accident while driving. An attorney can restore the quiet and provide answers to help you understand how to handle your case, every step of the way.

Workers Compensation Cases from A-Z

Any employee injured on the job, is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits regardless of whether the accident is the fault of the employer or the fault of the employee, unless the employee is guilty of gross misconduct.

Criminal Defense Cases from A-Z

To someone unfamiliar with the legal process, understanding things such as record expungements and stets may seem as impossible as reading a foreign language. An attorney, well-versed in legal jargon and trained to use these terms to your advantage, can reduce uncertainty and simplify the process.

Personal Injury Cases from A-Z

Feeling angry and hurt with nowhere to turn? Suffer in silence no more! Seek the support of an attorney who can channel your emotions and help you get the compensation you deserve.

DUI and Traffic Offense Cases from A-Z

Do you know what happens if you do not appear for traffic court? How about what will happen if you are caught driving on a suspended license? These questions and more may be running through your mind when the sirens go off, but after you’ve received the ticket, you have to deal with the matter at hand. Browse these simple, direct answers to your questions about traffic court and seek the counsel of an attorney for further assistance.

Uninsured Motorist Cases from A-Z

According to Andrew Janquitto, author of Maryland Motor Vehicle Insurance,(Copyright 2007, Matthew Bender and Co. Inc) “The purpose of uninsured motorist coverage ( UM) is to place the insured in the same position he or she would have occupied had the at fault party maintained liability limits equal to the claimant’s own UM coverage.”

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