It is extremely important to acquire all medical records and all medical bills related to your claim. Medical record can be difficult to obtain. Your attorney will know where to write in order to receive the records you need. In order to obtain most medical records a fee must be paid for preparation of the records and for photocopying. Your attorney can advance those costs and be re-imbursed when your case is settled. Medical bills are always a time consuming effort.
When you are seen at a hospital there will likely be at least three bills. The three bills include the hospital bill, the doctor who treated you at the hospital and finally if you had x-rays there will be a bill from the radiologist. If you were taken by ambulance to the hospital, there will also be an ambulance bill.When you see the doctor he will generate bills and if he sends you for x-rays or physical therapy there will be additional bills.When your treatment has been completed and the doctor has discharged you, your attorney will determine the costs necessary for any treatment to be rendered in the future.After obtaining all of this documentation, your attorney will begin to evaluate your claim and will send your materials to the insurance company for further evaluation.
As the insurance company handles millions of claims, it will evaluate your case solely on the quality of your medical documentation. Ensure that your case is given the care it deserves by providing your insurer with comprehensive medical documentation to back up your injuries. The more documentation you provide the insurance company, the more likely it is that you will get a larger settlement. Good documentation will result in good settlements; little or no documentation will result in little or no settlement. An attorney will make sure that you receive the proper documentation from your medical provider by sending the appropriate questions to the doctor. The attorney can also help you by contacting your employer for information regarding any lost wages you have suffered.
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