Permanent Injury Award- Md workers comp settlement

Permanent Injury Award- Md workers comp settlement After you have returned to work and have completed your treatment and your condition is now permanent and will never get any better, then you are entitled to a permanent injury award which is one type of a Md workers comp settlement. That award is determined based upon […]

What is a Rating?

Workers Compensation Attorneys Use Impairment Ratings in Order to Obtain a Permanent Disability Award The purpose of this blog article will be to explain what a rating is and how it is used by Maryland workers compensation attorneys in determining permanent disability in a workers’ compensation case. The Worker’s Compensation commission can make an award […]

Maryland Workers Compensation Benefits

What Maryland workers compensation benefits a person can recover in a workers’ compensation claim? When a person is injured on the job, he/she can file a workers’ compensation claim and receive workers compensation benefits . Filing a Workers Compensation claim entitles you to valuable  workers compensation benefits including lost wages, medical benefits, vocational rehabilitation and a permanent […]

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