If you are involved in an accident and the accident was not your fault, then you may get your vehicle repairs paid for either by the insurance company for the person who caused the particular accident or you may be able to get the vehicle repairs paid for under your own insurance policy. If the person who caused the accident, admits fault quickly then it is always best to get the vehicle fixed under their insurance policy.
If the person at fault does not admit that they are at fault quickly, then you can get the vehicle fixed under your collision coverage of your policy, subject to a deductible. If your insurance company pays under the collision portion of your policy they will then attempt to get their money back from the person at fault in the accident and will also get you back your deductible.
When your own insurance company fixes the vehicle under the collision section of your policy, this can result in your insurance rates going up in the future unless your insurance company is able to recoup the money they paid from the other insurance company.
Decision regarding getting the vehicle repaired usually need to be made quickly.If the damage is relatively minor and the vehicle is repairable, then it would be prudent to wait until the at fault drivers insurance company has accepted responsibility. If the vehicle is not drivable, but it is not in a tow lot and you are not being charged storage, then you can either wait a reasonable period until the other insurance company accepts liability or proceed under your own insurance. While tho other parties insurance will provide a rental once they accept responsibility, your own insurance company will not provide a rental unless you purchased rental coverage. In addition if it is determined that the at fault driver has no insurance, then your insurance company will fix your vehicle under the uninsured motorist portion of your policy and will also provide a rental even if you do not have rental coverage under your insurance policy.
If your vehicle is in a tow lot, then the decision about which insurance to use becomes more immediate. If the Insurance for the at fault driver takes to long to make a liability decision as to who was at fault or you cannot determine who was at fault because you need the police report or to contact witnesses, then if you have collision coverage under your own policy,let your own insurance can take care of the tow and storage charges, car damages as well as a rental if you have that coverage until the at fault parties responsibility can be determined.
If you do not have collision coverage , then you need to  pay the tow bill and storage charges quickly yourself. The reason you should not wait more than a couple of days when the car is in a storage lot is because, even if the other insurance company accepts liability, they will only be responsible for storage charges for a reasonable period of time which is usually a couple of days. If the car is left in storage for more than a few days, then you may be responsible for the balance of the storage bill. In addition if the vehicle is in a government run tow lot, it may be auctioned off after in is in storage for more than 30 days.
Once the vehicle is in the shop to be repaired, normally the insurance company will authorize a rental car until the car is fixed.

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