How can a lawyer help me if I have been in an automobile accident?

Contact an attorney immediately-even before you contact an insurance company– if you are injured in an automobile accident and feel you are not at fault. See attached article on how to choose an attorney.Once you contact the attorney, he/she will interview you to determine the full extent of your injury and to assess who is at fault in the accident. Attorneys often do not charge a fee for the telephone consultation that analyzes these two issues and once it is determined you were involved and injured in an accident that was most likely not your fault, they recommend meeting to review your case in greater detail.
1) Collect all of the necessary data
2) Find a qualified doctor
3) Help Collect PIP benefits
4) What is a PIP waiver?
5) Fix your car and obtain a rental car quickly
6) Prevent your insurance company from raising your rates or canceling your policy
7) Help resolve disputes quickly
8) Obtain medical records promptly
9) Get the insurance company to rule in your favor
10) Help with recorded statements and filtering information to the insurance companies
11) Submit a convincing and complete demand package
12) Determine what a case is worth.
13) Recover money even if the person who causes the accident does not have insurance
14) Recover benefits from several sources in a motor vehicle accident
15) Settle your claim promptly
As you read along in the A-Z Auto Accidents, each one of these areas is fully explained.Each one of these steps must be carefully completed in order to ensure that your accident claim is handled in a professional and timely manner. If any of these steps are skipped, then it is more likely than not that either the insurance company will refuse to settle your claim or in the alternative, make you a settlement offer that you will be unhappy with.In addition failure to follow these steps will result in delay in payment of the damage to your car , reimbursement of lost wages, payment of medical bills and the settlement of your personal injury claim.
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