If you have been injured and have not received medical treatment, an attorney can help you find the appropriate medical care. Specialists like orthopedic surgeons or neurologists have especially long waiting lists that cause patients to wait months before receiving care. Attorneys can help greatly with this lag time, as they can get specialist appointments for their clients in a relatively short period of time, allowing for adequate medical treatment in a much timelier manner.

Documentation by the doctor is extremely important. One of the best way to prove your injuries is thru the documentation that your doctor keeps.Insurance companies often take the position, if it is not in the medical report , than it never happened.If you take time off from work, you will likely not be reimbursed unless you have an off work slip. If you testify you were in constant pain and you keep all of your doctor and therapy appointments, a trier of fact is more likely to believe your complaints then if you missed half of your doctor appointments.Doctors notes regard your complaints at each visit, will support your testimony regarding your complaints at the time of the accident.

Doctors testimony is also important to support your contention that the injuries you are complaining about are related to the accident. Most doctors do not like to get involved in litigation.Often doctors will assert they can not testify that an injury is related to an accident since they were not there when you were injured.As ridiculous as this may sound, this is the doctors way of saying that they do not want to get involved. Lawyers work with Doctors who are willing to support their patient including testifying in court as part of their accident claim.
Lawyers can usually find doctors who are willing to wait until insurance pays their bill or until their case is settled. Most regular physicians will not let you even make an appointment until you pay them up front or unless you have medical insurance. even with medical insurance, they want any deductibles paid up front. Often accident victims, do not have the funds to pay the up front deductible.
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