Your attorney will also report your claim to the individual at fault’s insurance company. If the faulty party admits fault from the very beginning, your attorney can make arrangements for the other insurance company to look at your car and provide a rental vehicle. If the other party disputes the liability in the case, your attorney must then provide the necessary information to convince the insurance company that their insured was at fault and that you were negligence-free.
Often insurance companies will offer to pay directly for a rental car so that the injured party does not have to lay out any out of pocket money for a rental. Your attorney can be instrumental in minimizing inconvenience to you by getting the insurance company to act in a timely manner to get you a rental car and/or car repairs as quickly as possible. Attorneys are also familiar with reputable body shops that can repair your car with competence and care.
Attorneys know the traffic laws. attorneys are also familiar with the case law that interprets all types of traffic accident situations. Insurance adjusters are not usually attorneys and while they have some knowledge of the law, they do not have the same training as an attorney. Often mistaken beliefs of the adjuster can be corrected by the attorney sending a copy of a recent appellate case, with a set of facts similar to the facts in our case.
A good attorney will also be very familiar with the area. Even if the attorney is unfamiliar with the area, he can quickly familiarize himself with the area by either going to the scene and taking pictures for the benefit of the insurance company or locating the scene of the accident on google maps. Often, an attorney after guiding an adjuster thru a review of pictures or a look at google maps can convince an insurance adjuster that despite what his insured said, the accident could not have actually happened that way.In the old days this time of evidence would not come out until trial.
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