To prove to an insurance company and/or jury that you were in fact injured, a doctor must provide detailed reports connecting your injuries to the accident. You will likely find that doctors try to avoid litigation because they do not like going to court and that many physicians refuse to dictate the lengthy reports demanded by the insurance companies. It is important, then, to select a doctor who is at least willing to complete a report after each visit.

Each document provided by the medical facility is extremely important in your automobile accident case, as insurance companies base the amount of money that they are willing to offer you off of the documentation available. Visiting a family physician who is unwilling to write a dictated medical report or who scribbles an illegible note on his office chart may result in a smaller settlement than would come from consulting a doctor who is willing to write a fully dictated report clearly outlining the injuries and necessary treatment. Keep in mind when selecting a doctor that how well the doctor documents your injuries translates directly to how much money you may get from the settlement.

Doctors seem reluctant to order physical therapy, MRI’s, x-rays, medical devices or to see the patient frequently because they are concerned about how they will get paid for their services. In addition some doctors are less sympathetic to the complaints of people involved in an accident. Doctors  can also be influenced by the insurance companies including health insurance carriers who are only interested in the bottom line and seem less interested in patient care.Lawyers usually have a list of Doctors who deal with accident patients all the time and are more likely to give the patient the attention they deserve.Every doctor has a specialty and that includes doctors who specialize in treating patients who have been injured in an auto accident.
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