Attorneys are also experienced in dealing with the other insurance company involved. The insurer may ask you to give a recorded statement, for example. A Baltimore injury lawyer knows to advise you that any statement you give an insurance company can be later used against you in court. Without this caveat from an attorney, you may not be aware how negatively a statement could affect your case.
An attorney knows how difficult it can be to attest to the same event in exactly the same way each time you are called to discuss it. Your legal counsel also knows that each time you give a recorded statement it will likely vary from other statement you’ve given in the past, providing the jury with the impression that you have changed your story. This can result in an adverse-and unnecessary-verdict in court. While it is always a bad idea for you to give a recorded statement or speak directly to the other insurance company, an attorney can speak to the insurance company knowing that what he/she says cannot be used against you as it is not admissible in court.
In addition, an attorney knows what information should and should not be given to an insurance company. People unfamiliar with the process sometimes give too much information when talking to an insurance company, resulting in an adverse decision by the insurance company. Attorneys are trained to know what is the best way to present your case in a light most favorable to your claim.
Insurance adjusters are trained to take advantage of people who are unrepresented. An insurance adjuster will never tell you about benefits you are entitled to but did not know to ask for.
Adjusters know that if they say no to an attorney, the attorney knows how to take the case to court. The Insurance adjuster also knows that if he tells a person who does not have an attorney, no, that that person is unfamiliar with the steps to filing suit and going to court.
Insurance adjusters are famous for not taking phone calls or not doing what they promised. Attorneys are trained to follow up with supervisors and to send letters confirming conversations with the adjuster.
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