Can A Baltimore Car Accident Attorney Sue Someone Whose Cell Phone Use Resulted In An Accident?

Can a Baltimore car accident attorney sue someone whose cell phone use resulted in an accident? If as a result of using a cell phone use, the driver of an at fault vehicle causes an accident, the driver will be held responsible by a Baltimore car accident attorney for the accident if the cell phone […]

Can Punitive Damages Be Claimed In A Car Accident In Baltimore?

Can Punitive Damages Be Claimed In A Car Accident In Baltimore? The answer is no. In the case of Donna Komornik v. Gregory Sparks 331 Md. 720, 629 A2d 721 (1983) the Maryland Court of Appeals was presented by the following facts. The at fault driver was intoxicated at the time of the accident and […]

Car Crash Attorney Baltimore Makes PIP Claim For Pedestrians

Car crash attorney Baltimore answers the question, Can a Pedestrian make a personal injury protection (PIP) claim? With a Car crash attorney Baltimore, A pedestrian can make a personal injury protection (PIP) claim under certain circumstances. Pedestrians are entitled to make a PIP claim if they not occupying a motor vehicle when they are involved […]

Who Receives The Money When A Minor Settles A Car Accident Case In Baltimore?

So exactly who receives the money when a minor settles a car accident case in Baltimore? Baltimore auto accident lawyer Marc Atas explains below. Who does the money go to, once a car accident claim or a personal injury claim is settled on behalf of a child under 18? Every Baltimore auto accident lawyer has represented […]

Auto Accident Lawyer In Baltimore Represents Injured Minors

Auto accident lawyer in baltimore Marc Atas explains who can settle a claim on behalf of a minor? Who can sue on behalf of a minor? Every auto accident lawyer in Baltimore knows in the State of Maryland there are two different rules that apply when bringing a claim on behalf of a minor. The […]

Accident Lawyer in Baltimore Discusses Roundabout Car Accidents

An accident lawyer in Baltimore knows there are very specific rules of the road involving roundabout intersections in Maryland. These rules of the road help an accident lawyer in Baltimore to determine who is a fault in an accident that occurs in a roundabout. An accident lawyer in Baltimore knows there are eight different factors […]

How To Choose A Personal Injury Attorney

Who you choose as your lawyer in a personal injury case is a very important decision. You need to be able to trust the lawyer you hire. In this post, I detail how to choose a personal injury attorney that is right for you. When your case is settled, the insurance company check is typically […]

Does Speeding Bar Recovery In A Maryland Car Accident?

Does speeding bar recovery in a Maryland car accident? Normally, when you have the right of way, and a Maryland car accident occurs, the other driver is at fault. Examples include: 1. when you are on a straight boulevard and a car coming in the opposite direction makes a left in front of you, 2. […]

Can I change my mind once I have settled my car accident case?

Can I change my mind once I have settled with the insurance company? Even after you have orally agreed to settle your auto accident claim with the insurance adjuster, you may still be able to change your mind and obtain a Baltimore car accident lawyer to help you with your accident case. Generally, until you […]

How Long Does A Workers’ Compensation Case Take?

Maryland work injury attorney-I need my benefits yesterday-How long does a workers’ compensation case take? A Maryland work injury attorney knows there is no time limit as to how long a workers’ compensation case will take. Because the case can stay open for the rest of your life, some case have continued for 20 or […]

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